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The Magic is Growing

The Tiddlywinks story is just beginning. In the next chapter, Jessica is turning her attention toward growth into new markets—inspiring girls and women to pursue their dreams and to be a part of this magical story.


All the Sparkle You Need to Get Started

You’ll get everything you need to be successful in spreading your own magic:

Mobile Boutique ready to shop the day it is delivered

Operations manual and personal support from Jessica and her marketing team

90-days of retail inventory*

All the supplies needed for party production

Business tools and retail supplies

Ongoing marketing support from Tiddlywinks Boutique’s national advertising agency
Launch campaign provided by (and financially supported by) Tiddlywinks Boutique that includes advertising, public relations, social media and personal appearances by Jessica. This local campaign will begin 90 days before your official launch date, and continue 30 days after. When the launch campaign is complete, you’ll have your own social media channels set up and followers ready to support you.

Licensees also get profit sharing in national website sales and promotional programs.

Right of first refusal for a brick-and-mortar retail store in your home market**

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* Based on projected sales
** Based on performance and new licensing and/or franchise fees may apply

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